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Fig. 2

From: Identifying patterns of care for elderly patients with non-surgically treated stage III non-small cell lung cancer: an analysis of the national cancer database

Fig. 2

Bar graphs representing key comparisons of treatment patterns in the elderly vs. non-elderly patients: (a) Proportion of all patients included in the study who received no treatment, palliative (Pall) treatment, definitive radiation therapy (Def RT), and definitive chemoradiation (Def CRT), *P < 0.0001, #P = 0.0005. (b) Proportion of patients receiving any treatment further subdivided into definitive (Def RT only – definitive radiation therapy alone, Def CRT – definitive chemoradiation including sequential and concurrent chemoradiation), and palliative treatments (Chemo only – chemotherapy alone, RT only – palliative radiation therapy alone, CRT – palliative chemoradiation), *P < 0.0001. (c) Proportion of patients receiving definitive chemoradiation who received sequential (SCRT) and concurrent (CCRT) chemoradiation, *P = 0.016

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