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Fig. 1

From: Nodal failure patterns and utility of elective nodal irradiation in submandibular gland carcinoma treated with postoperative radiotherapy - a multicenter experience

Fig. 1

a Depiction of each of Level I–V, retropharyngeal (RP) and facial nodes. b The neck irradiation regions were categorized into 3 consecutive bilateral echelons according to lymphatic drainage: the first echelon for levels I–II, the second for level III, and the third for levels IV–V. c Taking a submandibular gland carcinoma (SMGC) patient with multiple risk factors as an example, if the tumor invades level I, extended elective nodal irradiation (ENI) of the adjacent bilateral echelons involves the ipsilateral levels I–III and contralateral levels I–II. d Pathological nodal metastatic rates in 24 patients who received ipsilateral neck dissection. e Nodal recurrent rates and (F) total nodal metastatic rates in 65 SMGC patients treated with surgery and postoperative radiotherapy

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