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Table 1 Patients and tumor characteristics

From: Stereotactic body radiotherapy for stage I non-small-cell lung cancer using higher doses for larger tumors: results of the second study

Patient number 71
Age (years), range (median) 55–89 (77)
Gender, male/female 51/20
Performance status (0/1/2) 32/33/6
T stage (T1a/T1b/T2a) 24/33/14
Total dose (48 Gy/50 Gy/52 Gy) 6/51/14
Tumor location
 Center/periphery 8/63
 Operable/inoperable 24/47
 Operable (T1a/T1b/T2a) 12/8/4
 Inoperable (T1a/T1b/T2a) 12/25/10
 Adeno/squamous/NSCLC 50/14/7
  1. Adeno adenocarcinoma, squamous squamous cell carcinoma, NSCLC unclassified non-small-cell lung cancer