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Table 5 Summary of various published recommendations for margins around target volumes

From: 4DCT and CBCT based PTV margin in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy(SBRT) of non-small cell lung tumor adhered to chest wall or diaphragm

Author Recipe Comments
Stroom et al. (1999a) [26] 2∑ + 0.7σ 95% absorbed dose to on average 99% of CTV tested in realistic plans.
Van Herk et al. (2000) [27] 2.5∑ + 0.7σ Minimum absorbed dose to CTV is 95% for 90% of patients. Analytical solution for perfect conformation.
Parker et al. (2002) [28] \( \sum +\sqrt{\left({\sigma}^2+{\sum}^2\right)} \) 95% minimum absorbed dose and 100% absorbed dose for 95% of volume. Probability levels not specified.
Snoke JJ (2007) 2.5∑ + β(σ 2 + σ P 2 )1/2 − βσ P Minimum 95% of the prescribed dose for 90% of patients