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Fig. 1

From: A critical review of recent developments in radiotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer

Fig. 1

Definitions and examples of central and ultra-central lung tumors. a Diagram of the central airways of the lung. Reprinted with permission. ©2006. American Society of Clinical Oncology. All rights reserved. Timmerman, R et al.: J Clin Oncol 24(30), 2006: 4833–9. The black dashed line defines the location of tumors that are central relative to the proximal bronchial tree. The term central has been widened to include the region within 2 cm in all directions of any mediastinal critical structure, including the bronchial tree/trachea, esophagus, heart, brachial plexus, major vessels, spinal cord, phrenic nerve, and recurrent laryngeal nerve. The region shaded red shows the trachea and main bronchi, and lesions with a PTV which overlaps \this region are considered as ultracentral. b Example of an ultracentral tumor (planning target volume in red, and main bronchi/trachea in yellow). c Example of a central tumor

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