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Table 1 Mutations of known cancer genes in the glioblastoma SNB19 and the lung carcinoma A549 cell lines [30]

From: Simultaneous perturbation of the MAPK and the PI3K/mTOR pathways does not lead to increased radiosensitization

Cell line Gene Variant Effect
SNB19 CDKN2A Hom c.1_471 del 471, p.? LOM
  PTEN Hom c.723_724insTT p.E242fsX15 LOM
  TP53 Hom c.818G > A, p.R273H LOM
A549 CDKN2A Hom c.1_471 del 471, p.? LOM
  KRAS Hom c.34G > A, p.G12S LOM
  STK11 Hom c.109C > T, p.Q37X LOM
  1. Abbreviations: Hom homozygous, del deletion, LOM likely oncogenic mutation