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Fig. 2

From: Simultaneous perturbation of the MAPK and the PI3K/mTOR pathways does not lead to increased radiosensitization

Fig. 2

Expression levels of selected proteins of the MAPK/Erk and the PI3K/mTOR pathways in SNB19 and A549 cells. Representative Western blot analysis of expression levels of selected proteins of the MAPK a and the PI3K/mTOR pathway b in SNB19 and A549 cells. Cells were treated with AZD6244 and/or NVP-BEZ235 before IR with 8 Gy and whole cell lysates were prepared 30 min, 24 h and 48 h after IR. Protein bands were normalized to the β-actin intensity and changes in protein expression are denoted by numbers if applicable. Since the utilized antibody detected p-Erk1 and p-Erk2 the numbers below the blot correspond to the expression levels of total p-Erk1/2

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