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Table 3 Patient characteristics

From: Impact of MLC properties and IMRT technique in meningioma and head-and-neck treatments

HNSCC   PTV volume [cm3]
Oropharynx stage location PTV61.6 Gy PTV56 Gy PTV50.4 Gy
HN1 pT1 pN2b M0 L0 V0 right 132   834
HN2 pT2 pN2b M0 L1 V1 left 145 296 1240
HN3 pT3 pN2b M0 L1 V1 right 422 525 1006
HN4 pT2 pN2b M0 L0 V0 right 133 267 823
HN5 pT3 pN0 M0 L0 V0 left 166   659