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Figure 1

From: Conservative management of a perianal rhabdomyosarcoma in a 2-year old child by Papillon’s technique

Figure 1

Radiation therapy. (A) patient positioning for EBRT using custom molded thermal plastic masks; (B) ballistics of the 4 treatment beams: 2 lateral beams and 2 direct perineal beams; (C and D) dosimetric illustration of the EBRT treatment (green 4 Gy, blue 10 Gy, cyan 20.58 Gy (95%), yellow 21 Gy, red 22.05 (105%); C: coronal incidence through the femoral heads; D: coronal incidence through the anal spincter (E) low dose rate brachytherapy (I192) with 3 needles implanted in initial tumor bed.

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