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Figure 4

From: Live cell imaging at the Munich ion microbeam SNAKE – a status report

Figure 4

Detailed kinetic analysis of the recruitment of PCNA in the cells shown in Figure 3 . The left panels show for each cell and focus the recruitment of PCNA over the complete observation time span of 420 seconds. Note that 0 seconds (start of the irradiation of the whole field shown in Additional files 1 and 2) refers to a cell not shown in Figure 3. Numbering of foci reflects the sequence of irradiation upper (F1)-lower (F2)- left (F3)-right (F4)-center (F5). Irradiation of each point took about 1 s. The right panels show a magnification of the first 30 seconds of the observation. The irradiation start of each individual cell is marked by a red arrow.

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