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Table 4 Patient outcomes

From: Phase I study of neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy with S-1 plus biweekly cisplatin for advanced gastric cancer patients with lymph node metastasis: -KOGC04-

n = 9 No. of patients
Clinical Response  
PD/SD/PR/CR (Response rate) 0/2/7/0 (78%)
Level 1 0/1/2/0
Level 2 0/0/3/0
Level 3 0/1/2/0
Distal/Total 4/4
D1/D2 0/8
R0/R1/R2 8/0/0
Operation time (min) 249 (195–288)
Blood loss (ml) 578 (110–1700)
Postoperative complication  
Stump leakage 1
Pancreatic fistula 1
Chylous ascites 1
Histological therapeutic effect  
Grade 1a/1b/2/3 2/1/4/1
  1. PD: Progressive disease; SD: Stable disease; PR: Partial response; CR: Complete response; Distal: Distal gastrectomy; Total: Total gastrectomy; D1: Limited lymphadenectomy; D2: Extended lymphadenectomy; R0: No residual tumor; R1: Microscopic residual tumor; R2: Macroscopic residual tumor.