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Table 1 Patient and tumor characteristics

From: Phase I study of neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy with S-1 plus biweekly cisplatin for advanced gastric cancer patients with lymph node metastasis: -KOGC04-

n = 9 No. of patients
Age median (range) 62 (52–77)
Sex male/female 9/0
ECOG performance status 0/1 9/0
Location U/M/L 3/2/4
Macroscopic Type 1/2/3/4 0/2/6/1
T 3(SS)/4a(SE)/4b(SI) 6/2/1
N 1/2/3 1/8/0
M 0/1 9/0
Stage IIIA/IIIB/IIIC 4/5/0
  1. U: Upper-third of stomach; M: Middle-third of stomach; L: Lower-third of stomach; macroscopic type 1: Polypoid tumor; type 2: Ulcerated tumor with sharply demarcated and raised margins; type 3: Ulcerated tumor with infiltration; type 4: Diffusely infiltrated tumor; SS: Tumor has invaded the subserosa; SE: Tumor has penetrated the serosa; SI: Tumor has invaded adjacent structures.