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Figure 2

From: Boron neutron capture therapy with bevacizumab may prolong the survival of recurrent malignant glioma patients: four cases

Figure 2

Sequential change of T2-weighted MRI (upper column), Gd-enhanced T1-weighted MRI (middle column) and F-BPA-PET (lower column) of Case 2, a 41-year-old man. The timing of the MRI is depicted above the MRI. F-BPA-PET images were taken just before the BNCT, 1 month after and 12 months after the BNCT. These PET images show the gradual decrease of the tracer uptake as a promising effect of BNCT. BV was started 13 months after the BNCT, and an MRI showed a marked positive effect of the BV treatment on the perifocal edema and contrast enhancements.

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