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Figure 1

From: Stereotactic body radiotherapy for very elderly patients (age, greater than or equal to 85 years) with stage I non-small cell lung cancer

Figure 1

Local control and survival according to Kaplan–Meier method. (a) local control (LC) curve, (b) overall survival (OS) curve, (c) cause-specific survival (CSS) curve, and (d) progression-free survival (PFS) curve. Bold solid line, all patients (n = 81); thin solid line, very elderly patients (age ≥ 85 years; n = 20); dotted line, younger patients (age < 85 years; n = 61). Significant differences in OS were found between very elderly and younger groups (p = 0.03). There were no significant differences in LC, CSS, or PFS between the groups.

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