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Table 1 Requirements for segmentation of target volumes, rectum and bladder for the TROG 03.04 RADAR trial

From: Automatic segmentation of male pelvic anatomy on computed tomography images: a comparison with multiple observers in the context of a multicentre clinical trial

Structure IR Definition HR Definition
Gross target volume (GTV) Prostate + extra capsular extension Prostate + seminal vesicles + extra capsular extension
Clinical target volume (CTV) CTV = GTV CTV = GTV
Rectum The outer wall of the rectum from the cranial border (where the rectum turns horizontally into the sigmoid colon), to the caudal border (defined as 15 mm caudal to the apex of the prostate)
Bladdera Visible bladder
  1. aNote that in the RADAR trial, segmentation of bladder was only a requirement for a sub-set of patients.