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Table 3 Comparison of the Cleveland Clinic’s Data with Major Series of Patients with Locally Advanced Disease treated with IORT

From: Intraoperative radiation therapy with the photon radiosurgery system in locally advanced and recurrent rectal cancer: retrospective review of the Cleveland clinic experience

Series # Pts Local Control Distant Metastases Survival
MayoClinic(14) 146 3-year: 90% 3-year: 43% MS: 44 mo
     5-year: 52%
MGH(15) 42 5-year: 77% Not Reported Not Reported
Madrid (16) 115 3-year: 94% 3-year: 21% MS: Not Reached
     3-year: 74%
Heidelberg (17) 210 5-year: 93% Not Reported 5-year: 69%
Cleveland Clinic 10 3-year: 100% 3-year: 71% MS: 49 mo
     5-year: 39%