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Figure 3

From: Patterns of failure after multimodal treatments for high-grade glioma: effectiveness of MIB-1 labeling index

Figure 3

Representative images for the case of GB with higher MIB-1 LI. A 24-years male patient with GB showing a higher MIB-1 LI (79%) that recurred in the distant region. (A) A postcontrast MR image (T1 weighted) before surgery (B) A postcontrast MR image (T1 weighted) after a gross total removal. (C) Treatment planning CT image showing the 95% isodose curve (yellow), 80% isodose curve (green), and the 20% isodose curve (blue). (D) A postcontrast MR image (T1 weighted) at 11 months after completion of radiation showing a recurrence tumor that developed in the distant. (E) Immunohistochemical analyses (×200).

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