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Table 5 Comparison of modelled and observed relative breast cancer risk for involved field radiotherapy.

From: Dose-response relationship for breast cancer induction at radiotherapy dose

Technique Used Treament plans Weighting according to # treated patients Relative OED (Travis fit) Observed relative risk
Mediastinal Mediastinal 109 1 1
Mantle Mantle field alone 637 3.2 2.7 (1.1-6.9)
other Supradiaphragmatic Supraclavicular/neck 34   
  Axillary + Mediastinal/homolat 41   
  Axillary + Mediastinal/bilat 7   
  Axillary, no Media. 14   
  Total 96 1.9 0.9 (0.2-4.8)
  1. Modelling was performed forα/β = 3Gy. Since OED is proportional to risk relative OED it can be compared to observed relative risk.