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Figure 1

From: Theoretical analysis of the dose dependence of the oxygen enhancement ratio and its relevance for clinical applications

Figure 1

Dose dependence of Survival and Enhancement Factor. Panel A: Schematic illustration of the dependence of the enhancement factor (EF) on survival level and on dose. Panel B: Representative examples of the dose dependence of the EF: RBE (dashed-dotted line) and OER (solid lines) as a function of dose for high-LET radiation with argon ions (OERAr) and low-LET radiation with x-rays (OERX) calculated using experimental data for V79 Chinese hamster cells in vitro. The OER curves were obtained using Eq. 6 and the experimental data for LQ parameters α a , α h , β a and β h from [26] (OERAr, OERX1), [27] (OERX2) and [28] (OERX3). The RBE was calculated according to [29] using parameters α a and β a for argon ions and x-rays from [26].

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