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Figure 5

From: Fast IMRT by increasing the beam number and reducing the number of segments

Figure 5

DVHs for all cases. DVHs for the plans: DMPO reference plan, 2-Step Fast or 2-Step Fast*, DMPO Fast and 2-Step IMRT 15 for three selected volumes. (DMPO 9 and 2-StepIMRT 9 are very similar). a) Quasimodo (only S10 collimator); b) breast case, c) spine case; d) prostate case. In the case (a) for the 2-Step Fast-technique, the OAR is much more spared than required, because no segment needs to be directed into this volume. A related relative dose distribution is shown in Figure 4. Symbols indicate some objectives used for the calculation of the quality index SD: the circle is related to: (central) PTV (a-d); square: OAR (a), ipsilateral left lung (b), outer PTV (c,d); triangle: Body/PTV (a), Healthy body (b), Spinal Cord (c), rectum (d), respectively. In contrast to 2-Step Fast, 2-Step Fast* can include S0-segments with primary radiation also to the OAR.

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