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Figure 3

From: Simultaneous integrated boost of biopsy proven, MRI defined dominant intra-prostatic lesions to 95 Gray with IMRT: early results of a phase I NCI study

Figure 3

False positive endorectal coil MRI lesion with contralateral malignant lesion. 3a: Color chart obtained from the MR Spectroscopy showing an elevated ratio of choline to citrate (depicted in red) in the right mid gland of the prostate. 3b: Area of the right mid gland (shown as a square in both a and b) on the T2 weighted MRI of the prostate where a high choline to citrate ratio was observed, indicating a highly suspicious for prostate cancer region of low signal intensity. 3c: Overlay of the T2 MRI and the color map of the MR Spectroscopy. 3d: T2 MRI of the prostate. To avoid any suspicion of sampling error, 8 biopsies were performed on the left and right mid glands. All 4 biopsies from the left mid (read as moderately suspicious for prostate cancer) were positive for Gleason Score 6 disease. All 4 biopsies from the right mid gland (read as highly suspicious for prostate cancer) demonstrated only chronic inflammation.

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