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Figure 2

From: Simultaneous integrated boost of biopsy proven, MRI defined dominant intra-prostatic lesions to 95 Gray with IMRT: early results of a phase I NCI study

Figure 2

Radiation dose plan showing anterior view on the left panel and lateral view on the right panel. This 56 year old patient had 2 areas on prostate MRI suspicious for cancer. MR guided biopsies of these suspicious areas were performed. Both suspicious areas were positive for Gleason Score 6 prostate cancer. The 94.5 Gy dose clouds of the simultaneous integrated boost are seen in the left and right mid gland as yellow rings around the contoured MR abnormalities of biopsy proven cancer. The 75.6 Gy dose cloud covering the remainder of the prostate is represented by red rings. The rectum (green) and bladder (light brown) are also shown.

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