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Figure 1

From: Simultaneous integrated boost of biopsy proven, MRI defined dominant intra-prostatic lesions to 95 Gray with IMRT: early results of a phase I NCI study

Figure 1

1a: Dynamic Contrast Enhanced (DCE) MR image showing region of increased gadolinium uptake in the left peripheral zone. 1b: MRI guided biopsy showing needle in the same region as in frame a. Pathology showed Gleason Score 7 disease. Immediately afterward, a fiducial marker was also placed in this location. 1c: Treatment planning image showing a fiducial marker in same region as figure a and b. The target was defined by fusing a treatment planning MRI (not shown and without an endorectal coil in place) with the treatment planning CT. The isodose lines are shown on the CT where the fiducial marker is best seen. The planning target volume of the intra-prostatic lesion is shown in fuschia. The 94.5 Gy isodose line is shown in green. The planning target volume of the prostate is shown in blue. The 75.6 Gy isodose line is shown in red.

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